5 ways to prepare for test automation interview

Imagine,you have interview scheduled next week.Now, you would like to prepare yourself for the interview day.

Based on my experience for more than 10 years in IT industry, I would like to share few tips and tricks for automation testing interview preparation.

#1 . Write your script and rehearsal for the question “Tell me about yourself “

In this, you can cover your educational degree, overall experience and try to include 3 achievements you got in your previous projects.

Here the idea is to create your first impression and if you speak confidently with your rehearsed script, this would give impression that your communication skills are excellent.

You can also mention if you have recently completed any certification and also you can tell areas or topics in which you are expert.

Essentially, with your answer, you are selling your self and giving interviewer points to ask questions which you can answer.

Please note that , you should not take much time to give your answer. You have to answer above question in 2 to 3 mins. So write your script accordingly.

#2 . Prepare for Coding Questions

This is crucial part of any test automation engineer interview. You have to be good at one programming language atleast.

You can revise the core concepts of any language. For example, Java, Python, C# etc.

Please revise below topics:

  • How to declare and initialize variables
  • Arrays
  • List, Set, Map
  • If else statement
  • While loop
  • For loop
  • Classes
  • Interface
  • OOPs concept
  • Exception handling
  • Database connection program

After revision of above topics, try to write simple programs on a piece of paper.

Usually in interviews, they give you piece of paper to write solution of any coding problem. Therefore, I would suggest you to practice coding problems on piece of paper or whiteboard.

#3 . Prepare for Test automation challenges you faced.

I would suggest, please make a list of atleast 10 automation challenges that you faced in your experience so far.

If you can answer this question with confidence, you will definitely clear the interview.

This question is asked to check whether you have really worked on complex real world automation projects.

Your challenges could be like issues in object identification of dynamic objects , Test data management, Synchronization issues, test execution time etc.

It would be great if you list down challenges and their solutions as well.

#4 . API testing concepts

You should prepare for api testing. Now a days, UI testing knowledge is not enough. As a QA, you should know how to test api.

Please prepare below topics:

  • What is API?
  • HTTP methods ( Get, Post, Put, Delete)
  • SOAP
  • REST
  • Json request, json response
  • XML request, XML response
  • Http status codes
  • Api testing tools like Postman, rest-assured, Jmeter.

#5 . Database Concepts

You should prepare for SQL queries. You should know how to do CRUD operation in SQL.

C : create

R: read

U: update

D: delete

Try to learn inner joins and SQL sub queries.

Group by and Having clause etc.


Sky is the limit for interview preparation. But we need to focus on certain areas for sure before the interview day.

So before one week of your interview, please focus on above ways which I had mentioned.

Be calm, relaxed and confident before , during and after interview.

Always focus on learning and give your best !!

Good luck !

If you feel, there are more ways to prepare, please comment in the post and share your thoughts .

5 Ways to secure your QA Job during Recession 2021 # Corona Impact

This is very critical time . By this time, every one is aware of corona and its impact on Indian and world economy as a whole.

All sectors and workforce are affected.

IT industry is also getting affected and will have more impact in the coming months. These days , everyone is working from home in IT companies.

So this is the situation and what we can do now. So friends, there are two type of people in this world.

  1. Reactive
  2. Proactive

Those who are in the first category, they would be the first one to loose their jobs and salary if lay off happens in future.

For those who are in second category ( Proactive) , they have a chance of survival.

Here are the 5 ways

  1. Do not Panic and keep calm
  2. Improve QA skills or Upskill yourself
  3. Work on effective communication skills
  4. Start Networking and increase your network
  5. Be physically and mentally fit

If you follow above techniques, I am not saying nothing will happen to you but you will have better chances of survival in IT industry and securing your current job.

How to implement above 5 techniques ?

1. Do not Panic and keep calm

This is not easy to implement. It comes by practising. You need to practice this art of being calm in every situation. This comes by positive attitude and doing Meditation.

2. Improve QA skills or Upskill yourself

This is damn easy. There are bunch of online training and learning materials are available. Friends, you have to make use of these learning platform to make your career bright and secure.

In IT industry, the person who has great in depth knowledge and expertise, subject matter expert, that person survives. Here are few online learning platform which you can use to Upskill yourself.

  • Udemy
  • LinkedIn Learning
  • Edureka
  • Coursera
  • SimpliLearn
  • YouTube

and many more.

3. Work on effective communication skills

Soft Skills are extremely important and it helps professionally and personally both. You can use above mentioned learning platform to find courses to improve communication skills.

4. Start Networking and increase your network

Dude, pick your phone and talk to your friends. Be in touch with your seniors and friends from previous companies . You might need them , when you have to seek better opportunities. You can make use of social media platforms like LinkedIn , Facebook to be in touch with your old friends.

5. Be physically and mentally fit

Again, this is not easy as it looks. Let me give you my personal advice on this. You need to set small targets when it comes to fitness.

Do not go and take 1 year gym membership. Instead, start with home workouts.

You can start with 15 minutes of walk everyday.

You can start with 10 Push ups everyday.

The idea is set to smaller goals and achieve those first and then you can target bigger goals when it comes to physical fitness.

Mental fitness comes by doing Meditation, positive thoughts and reading self help books.


I know and you also know, this is tough time for all of us due to Corona outbreak and health problems and concerns.

As I said in the beginning, you have to be Proactive at this time rather than being reactive at later.

We all are IT professionals and during recession times, only those people survive who are excellent and knowledgeable at their work.

Therefore, follow above five techniques and do comment in the box if you have more techniques to add to above list.

Do share this with your friends and spread knowledge and positivity.

Keep learning, keep growing!!


Protractor Tutorial : How to download and install Node.js || Protractor Installation

Step 1) Go to URL
You will find Windows installer (.msi ) for the installation of node.js.

Step 2) Click on 32 bit OR 64 bit depending on your machine configuration and save .msi file at some location in your machine.

Step 3) Now, double click on saved .msi file and click on RUN button.

protractor tutorial erostrum

Step 4 ) After clicking on Run button, you will get Node.js Setup wizard. You need to select “Node.js runtime” and click on Next button.

protractor tutorials erostrumStep 5) Ready to install Node.js window will appear . Now click on “Install” button.
It will trigger installation as shown below:

protractor tutorials erostrumStep 6 ) Node.js has been successfully installed. You will get the below window after installation. You just need to click on “Finish” button.

protractor tutorials erostrum

That’s it folks!


What is Protractor?

Protractor is an end-to-end test framework for Angular and AngularJS applications. Protractor runs tests against your application running in a real browser, interacting with it as a user would.

Protractor installation ?

You can use npm to install Protractor globally with:

npm install -g protractor

This will install two command line tools, protractor and webdriver-manager.

How to check version of Protractor?

You can use below command:

protractor --version

What is Webdriver-manager in Protractor?

The webdriver-manager is a helper tool to easily get an instance of a Selenium Server running. Use it to download the necessary binaries with:

webdriver-manager update

How to start Selenium Server in Protractor?

Now start up a server with:

webdriver-manager start

This will start up a Selenium Server and will output a bunch of info logs. Your Protractor test will send requests to this server to control a local browser. You can see information about the status of the server at http://localhost:4444/wd/hub.

That’s it folks!

If you’ve any questions, please comment in the post.

Keep learning!!