5 Ways to secure your QA Job during Recession 2023

This is very critical time . By this time, every one is aware of macro economic conditions and its impact on Indian and world economy as a whole.

All sectors and workforce are affected.

IT industry is also getting affected and will have more impact in the coming months. These days , everyone is working from home in IT companies.

So this is the situation and what we can do now. So friends, there are two type of people in this world.

  1. Reactive
  2. Proactive

Those who are in the first category, they would be the first one to loose their jobs and salary if lay off happens in future.

For those who are in second category ( Proactive) , they have a chance of survival.

Here are the 5 ways

  1. Do not Panic and keep calm
  2. Improve QA skills or Upskill yourself
  3. Work on effective communication skills
  4. Start Networking and increase your network
  5. Be physically and mentally fit

If you follow above techniques, I am not saying nothing will happen to you but you will have better chances of survival in IT industry and securing your current job.

How to implement above 5 techniques ?

1. Do not Panic and keep calm

This is not easy to implement. It comes by practising. You need to practice this art of being calm in every situation. This comes by positive attitude and doing Meditation.

2. Improve QA skills or Upskill yourself

This is damn easy. There are bunch of online training and learning materials are available. Friends, you have to make use of these learning platform to make your career bright and secure.

In IT industry, the person who has great in depth knowledge and expertise, subject matter expert, that person survives. Here are few online learning platform which you can use to Upskill yourself.

  • Udemy
  • LinkedIn Learning
  • Edureka
  • Coursera
  • SimpliLearn
  • YouTube

and many more.

3. Work on effective communication skills

Soft Skills are extremely important and it helps professionally and personally both. You can use above mentioned learning platform to find courses to improve communication skills.

4. Start Networking and increase your network

Dude, pick your phone and talk to your friends. Be in touch with your seniors and friends from previous companies . You might need them , when you have to seek better opportunities. You can make use of social media platforms like LinkedIn , Facebook to be in touch with your old friends.

5. Be physically and mentally fit

Again, this is not easy as it looks. Let me give you my personal advice on this. You need to set small targets when it comes to fitness.

Do not go and take 1 year gym membership. Instead, start with home workouts.

You can start with 15 minutes of walk everyday.

You can start with 10 Push ups everyday.

The idea is set to smaller goals and achieve those first and then you can target bigger goals when it comes to physical fitness.

Mental fitness comes by doing Meditation, positive thoughts and reading self help books.


I know and you also know, this is tough time for all of us due to Corona outbreak and health problems and concerns.

As I said in the beginning, you have to be Proactive at this time rather than being reactive at later.

We all are IT professionals and during recession times, only those people survive who are excellent and knowledgeable at their work.

Therefore, follow above five techniques and do comment in the box if you have more techniques to add to above list.

Do share this with your friends and spread knowledge and positivity.

Keep learning, keep growing!!


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