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Welcome to erostrum.com

This is a platform to learn cool stuffs in the field of Software Test Automation and QA.

Have you ever wondered what usually goes inside mind of most employees in IT industry?

Yes, you are right job security. In this competitive world, at first place , it is difficult to get job. If somehow you get the job , next responsibility is to keep that job.

So guys, through this portal , I would like to share my knowledge and experience which I have gained in IT industry over a decade. This IT industry is very demanding and you have be ready every year with its demands in terms of skillset.

Do you want to survive and excel in IT industry ?

Of-course Yes.  Everybody wants that. Let me make it very clear, in whatever project you are working or will be working you have to be proactive , you should have willingness to learn and you should know how to communicate well within your team and with your senior managers.

I am here to help you and guide you in this journey.

Development Projects Vs  Testing Projects

If you are developer or QA ,it does not matter. You need to learn the required skills for both. When I graduated from college, back then, all my friends were looking for developer role and if someone gets QA role,they used to look at that person with mercy or with lesser respect. Let me tell you, this is completely wrong perception. In software world, both dev and QA has its own importance. That’s why , be it QA or dev , love and respect your role and keep yourself up to date to be excel in your current role.

From where to start ?

This is a common question . There could be below scenarios :

  1. You are fresher and has experience < 3 years
  2. You have experience > 3 years and < 6 years
  3. You have experience > 6 years

Again, it does not matter at all. There is always a scope for improvement and upskilling your self.

QA / Software Tester Learning Path :

  1. Basic understanding of Software manual testing
  2. How to write test cases
  3. How to write negative test cases
  4. How to maintain test data for your testcases
  5. Understand the domain/functionality  of the application which you are testing

I would like to take a pause , and would like to make it very clear , it does not matter how much experience you have got , expectation is that you have to be fantastic in all above 5 points mentioned above. If you are not, we will work together and become excellent.

Now i would like to focus on further learning path :

  1.   Automation Testing  ( Selenium ,UFT, protractor )
  2.   Database concepts SQL
  3.   API Testing ( Rest-Assured , SOAPUI )
  4.   Performance Testing ( Jmeter, Load Runner )
  5.  CI/CD : Continuous Integration / Continuous delivery  ( Jenkins, Teamcity )
  6.  Version control tool  :  GIT
  7.  Cloud concepts : Microsoft Azure

Above list could be growing every year .  But the main point is : You should have your ToDo List ready and a mentor who can help you achieve above skill set .

I am here to help you and you are most welcomed to send your questions , suggestions at below email address.

Call to Action :   Send me the topic/skill  which you would like to master and I’ll guide you how to acquire that skill with free of cost!!

Good Luck !!

Contact Us:  erostrum101@gmail.com

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